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Good Product Shot Tips for Product Photography

Online buyers consider attractive product photos as a deciding factor in staying on your site or losing interest. So, it is important for e-commerce stores to post product photos that catch attention and make their product pages interesting for visitors.  

Good product photos can increase the number of visitors to your online store and convert your viewers into buyers. Better the product photos, better the chance your product page will get conversions indicating the impact good product shots can have on your sales. 

Professional quality photos can improve the image quality, showcase your products in the best way and boost your conversions. However, it is not possible for every online store to invest in professional photography, especially when they are in the beginning phase of their business. New e-commerce stores need to keep their costs as low as possible. So, they

consider DIY and social photography as a better option than professional photography. This post shares some of the best DIY product photography tips to make your products more attractive for your website visitors. 

Use a Tripod 

Taking photographs without a tripod can lead to blurred photos of your products. To make the camera stable and click clear photographs, you need a tripod for your camera. You don’t need an expensive tripod to take stable product photos. Most of the tripods available today are lightweight and affordable. You can buy a good quality tripod to place your camera in your product shoot studio 

Use Proper Lighting

Lighting is another important factor in taking high-quality photos. When it comes to product photography, perfect light is an essential element. Your products are to be seen by thousands or even millions of people on your app or website. So, you need to have proper lighting to make your product shots appear crystal clear. 

It is always possible to use natural light for a product photoshoot as you can set up the product in a way so that it can face the window and the light coming from it. However, the intensity of natural light is very high, and it can produce reflections that make the product photo look blurry. Moreover, the intensity of natural light may vary according to the time of the day and weather conditions. Natural light is good for outdoor photography or if you are taking product pictures in an outdoor setup. 

If you choose to photograph your products indoors, you can use studio lights that are completely under your control. Studio lights come with diffusers that make them soft but keep them bright for photography. These lights are pointed directly towards the product to make it appear brighter but without a dazzling reflection. No shadows are formed that make your product photos appear bright and clear. 

Clear Background

The background of your photographs plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your product image. Getting the right background for your product shots keeps the focus of the viewer on the product but also makes editing simple and convenient. You can simply use a white backdrop or any lighter colour to create a sharp contrast with the product. If the product is light in colour, you can use a dark background to create a good contrast and make it appear clear in photos. Make sure to use a plain background without any texture or design. 

Shooting table

You need a table to place the product in a stable position for photography. A standard folding table is best with a width between 25 to 30 inches. The table should be stable where you can place the product and white sweep when required. A sweep is a bendable sheet of paper whose bottom acts as the surface under your product and curves up into the wall or surface behind the product. 

If you prefer using a chair, make sure you use a paper sweep as sweeps attract dust, and you can cut the dirty part and roll the new paper down for a clear background.


Product shoot studio

The room or studio which you are going to use for product photography plays a vital role in determining the quality of pictures of your products. The product shoot studio should be big enough to accommodate all the equipment you want to use for product photography. 

In Context Photographs 

In context-photographs are photos that show a person using a product in real life. Watching a person using a product in real life inspires the viewers and prepares them to purchase the product. Lifestyle photographers show how people use a product in real life, which inspires viewers to buy your product. By taking and showing In-context photos, you tell a story and help your viewers emotionally connect with your products. 

Tutorial for good product shot tips

There are plenty of video tutorials available for good product shot tips on YouTube. Watch the product photography tutorial of a professional photographer with years of experience in the field to learn product photography. The more you learn and apply the techniques, the more you will become good at taking photos of products for websites and e-commerce stores.

Setting the stage 

You need to set the stage for high-quality product photography. Product photography staging comprises all the equipment, accessories, and space you are going to use for taking pictures. You can create a list of all the elements you need for setting the stage for product photography. New businesses should plan their budget to keep the costs under control and stay away from expensive photography items. 

Try good product shot tips in different styles. 

Try taking photos of your product in different styles from different angles so that viewers can see your product from every angle. You can place the merchandise in the image's background. You can show people utilising your product as well as the product itself. You can experiment with different lighting settings for product photography. You can display your goods in a variety of locations, including outdoors if it is relevant to the outdoors. You may even provide a 360-degree perspective of the product.


Edit your product photos

Editing is the phase where you can enhance your product pictures by setting the things like brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and other effects. You can use good quality software to edit your photographs before posting them on your store app or website. You can enhance the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and colours and add effects by using image editing software. This will make your product photos attract the attention of potential buyers and visitors, making them want to know more about our products. 

Summing Up

Clear product pictures can help your website visitors understand and make a buying decision. It is also important to write detailed descriptions of the features of your products and how they can help users make their life easier. Your first photographs don't need to be perfect, but as you learn product photography from an expert and apply the techniques, you will become better at it. Following the tips in this post can help small and medium online stores to showcase their products through pictures and convince their visitors to know more and make a buying decision. 

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