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How to find TikTok Trends for your business

We’ve all seen the wild effect that TikTok trends can have - whether it’s a popular sound, dance, challenge, filter, or even just a meme re-formatted to tell a slightly different joke each time. If you don’t hit virality, it’s okay, because you’re participating in TikTok culture and community - a good nod to understanding the social video platform and the people using it. Do it right, and you could be spreading like wildfire. Truly a win-win situation, so how to best take advantage of it? Finding the right trends for you, of course. We’ve put together a list of the top X ways to navigate the digital realm for the perfect TikTok trends for your business to jump on. Just watch that brand awareness and audience trust scale up to new heights!

1. #TrendAlert

Ok, so we’re starting off with the simplest one, but how could we not? Simply jump on over to the #trendalert hashtag next time you’re in-app, and see what’s consistently popping up. The best part of this method is that it's a crowd-controlled framework, meaning it’s truly the people deciding what’s hot and what’s not - excluding corporates or TikTok themselves from being able to manufacture a trend without creator and community support.

2. Tokboard

For songs and sounds, look no further than Tokboard. The website is an (unofficial) destination for tracking the top trending sounds and users on TikTok, using a data-collection engine to keep track of more than 80 million top social videos and 5 million users. If you’re looking for the latest jam you’re seeing everyone dance to, make a beeline for this site.

3. Embrace the TikTok lifestyle

While we love the shortcuts, undoubtedly the best way to understand TikTok trends is to experience them from a user level. It’s often simply a matter of using the app more - go for a scroll, interact with posts you like on your For You page, and feed the algorithm an idea of the type of content you want to see or the type of content relevant to your brand. Before you know it, you’ll be served content aligned with your vertical and you’ll start to see certain patterns in the videos you scroll through. Ding ding ding - you organically found trends! 

With so many layers of irony or the way certain trends spawn or spoof from pre-existing ones, it can be hard to understand why some trends have reached their unique levels of virality. It means that TikTok lore plays a huge role here in creating a culture and community, and the better your understanding is of that - which comes from simply using the app and interacting with content over time - the more confident you can be when it comes to understanding which trends are applicable and worth trying out for yourself.

Got some trends you want to try out, or just want to leave it to the experts? Not a problem - get in touch with us to chat about simple, cost-effective social video content creation packages to shoot your brand’s TikTok account to superstardom.

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