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How to optimise your TikTok bio for clicks

Have you given meaningful thought to how to write a TikTok bio? If you think it's just a line or two about who you are or what you do, think again - a good TikTok bio should include a number of traits that will help prime it for good in-app visibility, giving you a solid opportunity to grow your brand awareness and win over new followers. Your bio is often the first impression new audiences will have of your brand within the app, so it's important to get that first impression right.

What are the consequences of not getting your TikTok bio right? Well, for starters, you put your business on the back foot by improperly introducing the brand to potential new audiences. By being clear about who you are right from the first tap, you can better attract your ideal customer and give them something they feel more inclined to engage with.

Having a professional-sounding bio with all the relevant information can also help build your brand's credibility, making your business more trustworthy to potential new clients. If you're hoping to get your TikTok account verified someday, you can bet that a quality bio is a must - a bad bio can make your business look clumsy at best, or shady and untrustworthy at worst. Instead, turn your bio into an opportunity to increase engagement and boost sales by following our tips.

1. Choose a clear username and display name

Like Instagram, your username might be more akin to your brand or business name itself, but your display name provides an opportunity to showcase what you do, what services you provide, or where you operate. If you run Joe's Pizzeria and your username is @joespizzeria, your display name might be Joe's Pizzeria - Italian Bistro in Sydney.

2. Describe the account or brand and what your brand does

This section of the bio is where a lot of people think the bio starts and ends, but truthfully, it's the cornerstone of a much larger picture. Make sure this section is succinct but descriptive and clear, and no more than a sentence or so. Watch the character limit and check out what your bio looks like when you check your profile from someone else's account - this is the best way to gauge how effective its impact is when people tap onto your page.

3. Add emojis

If you're on TikTok, it's likely that your brand is no stranger to using emojis here or there - so don't leave them out of your bio! Select emojis that are relevant to what you do - for instance, a pair of scissors for a hairdressing salon, or a martini glass for a bar. Avoid the more commonly used emojis like hearts and smiley faces and instead shoot for the ones that help articulate what you do in a playful way.

4. Pick a picture that represents the brand

If you have a logo you like to use as a profile picture for your brand across socials, TikTok should be no exception. United branding across different channels will ensure your business maintains a professional appearance and will add to your brand credibility.

5. Use call-to-actions and add links to your bio

Perhaps the most critical component of a bio is your CTAs and links - these are what turn all your hard work on the platform into actual sales and tangible business outcomes. Ensure your link in bio directs people's attention to wherever they will most quickly be converted to sales, and that your call to actions are clear, simple and enticing. This might look like, 'Call us now on <number> for an obligation free quote', or 'Browse the new range out now'.

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