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Instagram, adapt, overcome — tips for content creators

When cars were invented, horse coachmen didn't even want to hear about it. Like all technologies, the rapidly evolving Instagram platform rewards those willing to adapt and punishes content creators stuck in the old ways. Even though Instagram shows no mercy to the old hats, successful users are willing to share their wisdom.

Here are some helpful tips for content creators looking to gain favour from the gods of Instagram algorithms:

1. Use Instagram Reel editing tools
Renounce the false prophet CapCut for cross posting your TikTok content to Instagram. Instagram has made it clear that any video with a TikTok watermark will never truly enjoy its day in the sun. It's also better to edit your content on the same platform because content recycled from other apps tends to be blurry.


2. Algorithm gods demand daily sacrifices
It is no secret that Instagram and other platforms reward active uploaders over spontaneous posters. With millions of insatiable users growing increasingly hungry, content creators are under increasing pressure to deliver. So make sure to upload on your grid daily.


3. The winning format
When it comes to 16:9 vertical videos, measure twice and upload once. Any video with ugly black edges will surely anger the algorithm gods.


4. Quality hashtags over quantity
The days of mass hashtags are over. It is now recommended to include 3-5 hashtags for your upload. We recommend you brainstorm a whole bunch and pick your favourites.


5. Caption over craption
Good captions are now more critical than hashtags. Captions which capture your brand's tone of voice that come up easily in the search bar will surely put you in good graces.


6. You'll love mainstream music 
Now is not the time to be a hipster. Algorithm gods love trending audio, and you will love it too, even if it makes you feel like a hack. Visit @creators to find out about current trending audios.


7. Storytime!
Did you really think Instagram wants you to have time for regular meals and personal hygiene? Post 6 stories daily — 2 in the morning. 2 during mid-day, and 3 at night. Treat it like a prayer of sorts.


8. We live in a democracy
People love to have their voices heard, and Instagram loves to collect their ballots. Organising interactive stories such as polls and questions on even the silliest topics will increase engagement and help you connect with your audience.


9. Reel in the polls
To expand on the previous tip, Instagram allows polling on Reels also and using this tool right now will take you to Instagram heaven.


10. Happily engaged
Doing Instagram correctly should feel more like a dialogue than a monologue. You might have a lot of followers, engagements determine your post traffic. Don't shy away from responding to your fans. Someone compliments you? Say thank you.

These ten commandments are not written in stone and will be constantly changing. Follow our blog for more updated research! 


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