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Lemon8 — the social media app that might end Instagram’s monopoly

Lemon8, a social media app created by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, is rolling out its campaign for world domination. The video and photo sharing social media app differs from Instagram by centring user-generated content around specific topics.

It is often described as a crossbreed of Instagram and Pinterest. While not available for download in Australia currently, we should expect this soon as the popularity of the app gains traction. Today Lemon8 is widely advertised on TikTok for a rise to prominence as a competitor of Instagram.

Remember when that Instagram post from Bali was an actual shared memory and not some elaborate way to trick you into buying a skincare product?

Many users are drifting away from Instagram due to the prevalence of influencers posting staged promotional content on a platform initially created for organically occurring, spontaneous content. Users are increasingly aware of the smoke and mirrors behind all the edited and scheduled content designed to influence online purchases.

It’s not the promotional content users have a problem with, but rather the insincerity behind it.

Beauty of Lemon8 is that the app doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a hub for promotional lifestyle content. And the users love it for its useful, aesthetically pleasing content. Say you run a makeup company. You can pay an influencer to create aesthetically pleasing content around your product, and the app encourages users to tag companies for more info about where and for what price they can purchase their favourite influencer-approved beauty products.


How to advertise your business on Lemon8?

  1. Create an account: Once you’ve chosen your username, the app kindly asks you to select your interests, such as travel, food, fashion etc. Now it’s time to upload a profile photo, write an engaging bio and provide links to your other platforms such as TikTok, Youtube and Instagram.

  2. Begin posting: Like Instagram, choosing the correct filter may take eons, but once you establish a theme for your content, it will make for an attractive profile.

  3. Create a killer caption: A lemon8 caption consists of a caption and a primary text. Adding relevant hashtags will also help the visibility of your posts.

  4. You have the technology: All necessary tools for video and photo editing are provided by the app, choosing the unique combination of fonts, filters and templates and sticking to your theme will make a difference.


Currently, Lemon8 is by no means a must-use app for any company looking to make waves, but it features all the positives of Instagram without many of the annoying features. If your company is looking for a fresh start away from the highly competitive excess noise of Instagram’s tired faces, the rapidly growing Lemon8 might be the ideal platform for reaching new customers.


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