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Recently, we took to our Instagram to poll you on what topic you wanted us to cover on our blog next. It’s the age-old question, the one everybody wants the answer to and yet the solution changes as quickly as the ever-evolving algorithm - what’s the best way to increase Instagram followers?

Look, there are lots of shortcuts out on the market, whether they come in the form of shady-looking Instagram follower apps or online courses that promise to teach you the darkest secrets of Instagram’s algorithm for an amazing deal of just $129 (90% off!). The truth is, there is no “deep dark secret” or one definitive answer for growing your Instagram followers and the only solutions with merit will come down to the way you interact and engage with the app as a human being (not, y’know, a bot).

You’ve likely come across articles that cover this topic before, so we’ll try not to bore you with regurgitated details or obvious tips you’ve seen all over the internet - honestly, we think our eyes will roll out of our heads if we see “use hashtags!” one more time.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our favourite (less obvious) tips and tricks for how to grow Instagram audiences in 2022, and maybe we can spark a stroke of genius in your next social photo strategy.


What is the quickest way to increase Instagram followers?

If you want the esoteric answer to this question, it’s to simply give people a compelling enough reason to follow. Yes, that means creating good content and establishing a consistent presence on the social photo app - but when it comes down to tangible actions you can take, there is something in particular we recommend.


Use the tools Instagram gives you to increase your reach

Our number one piece of advice is to not overlook what Instagram puts in front of you - they’re pushing Reels so hard at the moment because they want you to use them, so take advantage of this extra push they’re giving Reels content and try your hand at creating some of your own. Try different methods of interacting with your audience that you haven’t used before, like using interactive story stickers and enjoy the secondary benefit of getting to learn more about your audience and what they like. Instagram themselves have looked into interactive sticker engagement and found that polling stickers, for instance, increased 3-second video views in 90% of beta campaigns for the feature. 

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become so much more than just a social photo app, with many using Instagram profiles as the new “website” or primary online destination. Use Story Highlights as a faux-nav bar for would-be customers coming to your page and looking to get to know more about your business, try your hand at an AR filter, use the pin function to pin top comments under your posts, go live with another account - the Meta platform is constantly introducing new content mediums and ways to connect and interact, meaning there’s no shortage of features you can try. Explore, experiment and see if you like doing something enough (or see enough success from it) to stick to it. You have to play the game to win it, after all.


“What Instagram follower apps work?” - a warning

Look, we know the temptation is there to simply download an app for growing your follower count. Whether it’s for follow/unfollow schemes, seeing who has unfollowed you or any other number of features that promote spam-like or underhanded interaction within the app, our advice is to stay well away.

Using these third party apps means that your account won’t be abiding by Instagram’s Community Guidelines and interaction as a result of these apps will alert Instagram’s spidey-senses (aka their bots) to pick up on this behaviour and earmark your account. This could result in suspensions and possibly irreversible bans, so don’t risk it for the biscuit - it’s a crumbly old biscuit without Instagram’s approved API, anyway.

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