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The social media tools your business needs

The truth of the matter is, even among those of us who think we’re across the latest social media trends and protocols, things are constantly changing in these content-fuelled times - and the best social media tools change just as quickly. If you’re still using the same analytics or editing sites as you were a few years ago, we can’t blame you, but…it might be time to switch it up! Never fear, avails is here to help you update your practices and get up to speed with what will work best for your business on social media in 2022. Read on as we share our top 5 social media tools of the moment, and why you’ll wish you found them sooner.


Whether in-built or third party, it feels like scheduling tools have been around since the dawn of social media (or at least, since their legitimate use for business). So, what makes Pallyy different? Relatively newer on the market, Pallyy was designed for instagram marketing agencies, so you get the whole comprehensive social media experience with their service - scheduling is intuitive and simple to navigate, but you can also reply to DMs and browse your explore page, view analytics and even track your competitors all from the Pallyy dashboard. You’re welcome.

Answer the Public

Creating the content is one thing, but coming up with the ideas for said content is another altogether. Where better to look for ideas than Google Search datasets? That’s exactly the thinking that led to Answer the Public, a tool that utilises data around what people have been searching for on Google to help you find topics that are creating the most buzz and are most in line with what people are looking for. No more creative blocks, just a limitless flow of ideas.


Lightroom strikes the perfect balance between a professional, comprehensive photo editing software (it’s part of the Adobe suite, so you know it’s industry standard) and a user-friendly program. Lightroom allows you to easily edit your images and even use presets created by experts so you can unify your social feed’s aesthetic and give your branding that extra-polished touch, while still giving you lots of flexibility to make small adjustments to your heart’s content.


If you’ve ever felt intimidated by Photoshop, fear no more; Canva provides an entry-level avenue for small businesses to create amazing works of graphic design. Canva has a huge and impressive library of assets like stock imagery, footage, fonts and icons that will make you feel like a pro in no time. Their premium Pro version unlocks even more features like downloadable transparent pngs, the ability to keep a brand kit on file with your logo, colours and fonts, and a whole new suite of free-to-use assets.


Yep, you know we had to include at least one TikTok tool in here. Any TikTok user will be able to tell you that trending sounds underpin much of the popular and viral social video content on the app; navigating them all, however, is not necessarily easy (unless you have countless hours to spare on your hands, which some of us don’t, but still find ourselves spending anyway…). Cue Tokboard; this website dynamically ranks the best performing and most popular sounds on TikTok at any one time, so you can take advantage of the latest trends and stay ahead of the curve.

With all these tools at your disposal, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world out there just waiting to see the engaging and shareable content you have to offer - so try out our recommendations and see their power for yourself!

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