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Supercharge your Instagram SEO and increase your discoverability

We all know the importance of SEO for our websites, but with Instagram's latest updates to the algorithm and search function, it's become important within the photo (and video!) sharing app as well. Read on as we explain how to use the right features - even the hidden ones - to supercharge your Instagram SEO.

Much like traditional SEO is about optimising your content to be favoured by search engines, SEO on Instagram is all about optimising your posts to be recommended by Instagram's algorithm to other users. This could mean in search results, on the Explore page, or even in newer features such as the Suggested Posts added to the main feed. The easiest first step to improving your Instagram SEO is to take notice of all the features and optional extras you have when you go to post content on the platform - tagging people in the photo as well as in the caption, tagging the location, adding a reminder - if there's a field you haven't filled out or your eyes often glaze over, reconsider how you could be better utilising it. Instagram pulls all this data to understand more info about your post, and better recommend it where the algorithm thinks it will perform engagement-wise - so give it the best chance to recommend you by giving it as much info as you can!

SEO on the platform is also impacted by your profile fields. The name field - separate from the username field - when editing your profile is a great place to put your business type, the service you provide, or another keyword that accurately describes your business. This might look like "Japanese Restaurant in Sydney CBD", or "Wollongong Wedding Photography Packages". Be sure to include your business name in this phrase too for maximum optimisation.

One of the most commonly overlooked methods for Instagram optimisation is the alt text field. You may not have noticed, but right before posting on Instagram, you can see a small Advanced Settings option at the bottom of the page. Tapping this will lead you to another page which gives you the option to add alternative text. This field not only makes your post accessible for people with visual impairments to enjoy but also acts similarly to a meta-tag for your content.

Of course, don't forget the original iteration of Instagram SEO - hashtags! The debate about how many hashtags is the right amount, or how effective they are, has swung back and forth like a pendulum since the dawn of Instagram's use as a marketing tool - but the one thing we know for sure is that it can't hurt your content optimisation. If anything, the extra text can only be helpful by giving the algorithm more info to better understand your post and its context. Ensure you're adding hashtags onto a well thought-out caption that is both descriptive and inclusive of keywords for maximum effectiveness.

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