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TikTok’s new app TikTok Now, brilliant or blatant rip off?

There’s an old saying imitation is the best form of flattery, so what’s the deal with the launch of TikTok’s new app TikTok Now?

A little while ago we did a blog about a growing new kid on the social media block, BeReal that was bringing back old school simplicity with their photo only app that focused on reality-based content that asks its users to just… Be Real and users responded with the app going from just 10 000 users a year ago to its now 10 million daily actives.

Fast forward and the social media behemoth TikTok has just launched what they are calling their newest way to be entertained and connect with fellow TikTokers, a standalone app called TikTok Now that encourages users to share a daily photo or video experience that captures your most “authentic” moments with the most important peeps in your life and it’s rolling out around the world like a social tsunami.

It’s worth mentioning that currently the majority of BeReal’s users are US based, so to launching TikTok Now in markets where BeReal hasn’t yet gained major traction is a clever marketing ploy on TikTok’s behalf.

According to TikTok, the official line is this app was designed with the safety and privacy of their community in mind and giving creators control around who can see and interact with the content.

Basically, the app will send you a notification once a day prompting you to snap a pic or video within a certain time frame to share with your friends. Amazingly, just like BeReal users can’t see what their friends posted until they have uploaded a post of their own.

The rumour mill also tells us that Snapchat and Instagram are working on similar features, surprise, surprise! We’ve all seen the big players replicate their own versions various functionalities released by key social media platforms, everything users jump on to and use habitually eventually makes its way to the big players inventory.

However, the question remains could BeReal fade into the abyss of fad apps simply because it can’t possibly compete with the giants in the game who can “take” an idea and deliver it to their gargantuan users bases?


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