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Youtube Shorts: subscribed in 60 seconds

Youtube Shorts, an utterly original platform hosting bite-sized vertical videos and totally not inspired by this other massive short video app from China, has taken the world of content creation by storm. 

At the beginning of February, Youtube was reported to have crossed the 50 billion daily views count. Sounds a lot? This other platform, Instagram Reels – which is also not blatantly mimicking TikTok, rakes in more than 140 billion daily views.

It doesn't matter who did it first. The real question is: how can this game-changer of a rapidly growing trend help your business reach new markets? According to Reshiftmedia, just under 40% of companies are partaking in this short-form video revolution to advertise their goods and services to mainly Gen Z consumers. If we learned anything from TikTok – it's only a matter of time until their parents also stop resisting the future and jump on board.

At the beginning of this year, Youtube incentivised Shorts content creators by enabling them to keep 45% of the ad revenue with The Partner Program. So it's time to get on the low attention span wagon while the getting's good.

Shortcut to success

If you're looking to grow your Youtube subscribers, Shorts is the way. While Shorts rack in an astronomical amount of views compared to long-form videos, the viewer's exposure to your shiny and inviting "subscribe" box remains the same. It's why we recommend uploading Shorts to your main Youtube channel.

Shorts are very quick and easy to make with just your mobile phone. With just a pinch of creativity, you can showcase your service or product by providing your viewers with behind-the-scenes shots of company events or product launches. There's a shirtless guy with a bazillion views on Shorts and TikTok who plays with his pet duck and then drinks a Corona with one tornado-sip in every video. It's an entirely legal alcohol ad because these apps are evolving quicker than any legislature cares or attempts to catch up.

Shorts are also a great add-on to your long videos and one of the most cost-efficient ways to market your business. 

Do's and don'ts

Now that we've covered why, here are some tips for how:

  1. You can add a licensed song from Youtube's library to your Short. You have to choose whether the sound clip ends or loops after 15 seconds.
  2. Create a catchy hook for your brand that ties together all of your content.
  3. Don't cut your long-form video into a Short. You are making a bite-sized Snickers, not a Frankenstein's monster.
  4. After your Short ends, it starts again. You receive internet admiration for making your video into a perfect loop.
  5. Add easily searchable hashtags after the title of your Short
  6. Don't be a hipster; take part in trends. There is no shame in making that money.
To reiterate – what was I talking about?

If you would rather spend your precious time running your business than train a duck to do tricks, we can help you with everything mentioned above with social media creation packages starting from $590!

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