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Getting the Lowdown on the Instagram Reels Algorithm 2023

If you want to make it big on Instagram, you gotta know how to play the game—and when it comes to Instagram Reels, hacking the algorithm is the key. 

Numbers don't lie—at avails, our engagement rate skyrocketed by a whopping 295.29% after we started using Reels (check it out below).

So, want to know the secrets behind the Instagram Reels algorithm and how you can hack it for your benefit? We've got all the inside info right here.

Here's how the Instagram algorithm works 

Like Home feed posts, the Instagram Reels algorithm wants to show you videos it thinks you'll like.

Instagram says that these are essential things the algorithm considers—always remember these three W's: 

Who do you interact with: The algorithm looks at whose posts you interact with. If you like or comment on someone's content a lot, you'll see more of their posts.

What kind of content you like: It pays attention to what kind of content you engage with. If you're into beauty, you'll see more beauty content.

When do you scroll: The algorithm considers when a post was posted to determine if it's relevant to you. It also pays attention to how often you scroll on the app to decide what to show you first.

So, Instagram Reels wants to ensure you see the videos you'll enjoy. In a nutshell? Instagram will push your videos if they're original, entertaining, interesting, and high-quality. 

To boost your Instagram content strategy and get ahead, here are some things that Instagram algorithm surely loves in Reels:

  • Be entertaining and have fun! Make people laugh, surprise them, or grab their attention
  • Be inspiring and start trends 
  • Get creative with text, filters, and camera effects
  • Go vertical with your videos (It's great for an immersive experience!)
  • Use music from Instagram's library or find trending audio (You can create your own original audio, too!)
  • Always try something new

On the other hand, avoid these Reels no-nos:

  • Low-resolution 
  • Blurry footage
  • Don't recycle content from other apps with logos or watermarks
  • Skip the borders around your videos
  • Don't cover the majority of your image with text.
  • And, of course: follow Instagram's Community Guidelines

By following these tips, you'll "hack" the algorithm, reach new audiences, and gain more followers. 

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