Comprehensive Guide for Killer Relevant Captions

No matter how informative and entertaining you crafted that post about your seasonal smoothies, the fading attention span of an average user should never be underestimated, and a mix of niche and popular captions will garner more eyeballs.

The caption and hashtags complimenting your photo and video content will determine your exposure to different feeds and overall user engagement. A successful social media strategy is about implementing all available tools, not just a single tactic.

Here are some helpful tips for crafting that killer, relevant caption.

Mix and match

Once you’ve established your brand’s core identity and messaging, it’s time to compile your Enigma code of hashtags. It’s good to have a list of core keywords, such as #fitness #motivation, for your lifestyle and fitness page posts. We strongly advise you to brainstorm relevant hashtags for posts that feature new products, topical content and current events. Adding relevant hashtags such as #worldhealthday and #menshealthweek to the mix will expose your posts to entirely new markets. Need help to see if the hashtags you’re using will grab the audience you need? Run a quick search through your Insta App and pick the most popular. Just don’t forget to #keepitrelevant.

Capital letters — so pretentious

Regarding hashtags, punctuation, capital letters and symbols will make you look like a dinosaur. All the cool kids are breaking them grammar rules. Confess your sins to your English teacher once the money hits that bank account.

Heaps of hash

How many hashtags will get the job done? The consensus among Instagram scientists is around 11 for a regular post, no more than 10 on an Insta Story, between 2-4 per Tweet and a combo of 5 trending, niche and awareness hashtags per TikTok.

Blend in and stand out

While popular hashtags such as #mentalheatlh, #love and #travel may help you reach new feeds, thousands of competitors are doing the same thing. Stand out by focusing on your brand’s uniqueness by adding niche captions next to the generic ones. Brainstorm some captions that capture your unique selling proposition.

Trial and error

The beauty of Instagram is that every method doesn’t work for everyone. Every business field and its core customer is unique and has its own do’s and don’ts. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find out:

  1. Which posts on your feed achieve more engagement — loads of hashtags or a carefully selected few?
  2. Which hashtags work better for your industry?
  3. Hashtag placement — should you scatter them all over your post description or pile them all at the end?

Even a failed flop of a post is valuable because now you know what to avoid in the future. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You’re sure to be rewarded with captions that will cut through all the noise.

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