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Creating the best Instagram captions - aligning your strategy.

Remember in 2009 when we couldn’t get rah-rah-rah-ah-ah out of our heads and couldn’t help but continue it with a roma-roma-ma? Well, that’s exactly the kind of catchy we want when creating an Instagram caption - something that won’t just leave the heads of our readers. 

So how do you get there? 

While we’ve already covered our first blog in our Creating the best Instagram captions series -  Picking a Theme, we’re ready to move on to the next, and it’s all about gaining your followers’ love. 

Much like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance hit, nailing your social media strategy feels the same, and finding the perfect balance between your social media strategy, brand guidelines along with getting your followers to like, love and engage. It’s not just a walk in the park. 

Our favourite litmus test for the petri dish otherwise known as social media is a simple one. Ask yourself the following questions: 

1. Would I click on this post? 

You’re lying in bed, scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or whatever your latest favourite platform is before calling it a night, and you come across your post. Did it catch your attention enough for you to stop the scroll and click on it? 

2. Would your friends click on this post? 

You’re in a café, sitting down with your friend while waiting on your order, she’s going through social media, and she comes across your post. Was it appealing enough for her to pause and click on it? 

But most importantly, 

3. If you were your customer, would you click on your post? 

Your ideal customer is on social media, trying to catch up on the latest updates, looking through photos of friends and family, and they come across your post. Does it spark enough curiosity for them to follow your posts’ call to action? 

Although these questions might be difficult to answer, they are questions you will need to face if you are serious about connecting and converting – because if the answer is no (to one, two or all three of the questions above), your time, effort and resources are going to all the wrong places. 

Another test you can try is the So What? test

Here’s an example: 

Let’s meet ‘Stella Stits” Stella makes stunning stilettos made from the finest leathers sourced from around the world, and all her shoes are meticulously handmade. That’s nice but so what? So does 5000 other shoe brands. 

Well, it’s the fine leather that makes them feel amazing on the foot, the hand-finished details, including inbuilt heel pads to prevent blisters and her special stiletto heel and patented insole that makes the shoes more comfortable and longer wearing. 

Ahhh, so her customer will not only look great, but her feet won’t look like chuck steak after a long day at the office or a big night out on the town! 

The point is, most times, you will have competitors in your line of business, and if you don’t make yourself stand out and highlight your USPs (unique selling points), you could be selling yourself short and getting lost in the pool of competing businesses.

As part of your Social Media Strategy, it is important to think of your consumers and think like your consumers. Doing this will give you new clarity, allow you to kill the caption game for your content, and gain their love, love, love.

And nothing goes better with a killer caption than some killer imagery!
Let the squad help you out with our content creation packages. 


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