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How to Get Creative With Pinterest Story Pins

Ever struggled to find possible solutions for a problem, brainstormed ideas with coworkers, or just tried to get your creative juices flowing? When it comes to igniting creativity and generating innovative ideas that will help elevate your brand storytelling game, Pinterest idea pins can be the perfect tool. With Pinterest stories, gaining more popularity every day, not only is there an increase in organic search traffic but also unexpected ways business owners can benefit from it! In today's blog post, we'll look at how marketers can use idea pins for creative storytelling - helping them craft engaging stories in original ways that boosts their audience engagement and drives customer retention rates.

What are Pinterest story pins?

Pinterest story pins are the latest way to share captivating multimedia stories with your followers. You can include up to 20 pages of images or videos that will be displayed in full-screen mode on mobile—just like Instagram stories.

The best part? You can customise your Idea Pins using a variety of in-app editing tools, such as adding voiceovers, selecting music, tagging people, and using fun stickers. You can even use topic tags for increased visibility and "ghost" mode transition tools for seamless transitions.

Plus, your Idea Pins will never disappear after 24 hours like Instagram Stories do. That's right - they'll be available forever for others to discover. And if you want to share them outside of Pinterest, there's an option to export them too.

Be more creative with Pinterest story pins

Pinners in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are in for a treat—idea Pins from creators they follow will now appear right at the top of their home feed. But that's not all! Idea Pins will also show up in more places, such as search, the Today Tab and the top of creator profiles. This game-changer will revolutionise how users interact with content on the app, placing a greater emphasis on creators and their communities.

Pinterest Story pins are an excellent addition to your digital marketing strategy. With creative visuals and active captions, they can help you grab attention, direct viewers to your website and grow your brand presence. Don’t forget that using call-to-action buttons is indispensable for boosting traffic to your online platform and improving ROI.

So, why not give Idea Pins a try and captivate your audience with stunning multimedia stories?

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