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News in 9 seconds! Say hello to the new app designed for Millennials and Gen Z

It’s the brand-new news app to “culture tf out of you in 9 seconds” – their words not ours!

Imagine if you could get all your news from politics, breaking news, pop culture, world news, new trends all in one place with each story taking up a single screenshot and being approximately 9 seconds to read, delivered to you in a TikTok-like personalised feed!

Well, imagine no more, 2 very clever women, Shannon Almeida and Priyanka Vazirani have answered the prayers of time-poor peeps wanting to keep on top of what’s happening in the world with their new news app ‘Volv’.

Aimed at younger news consumers, who are looking for factual content and are tired of the biased narrative from mainstream media, the app reworks published news stories highlighting the crux of the story in a few sentences that can be easily digested from thousands of sources around the world. Their aim to create a decentralised newsroom powered by their readers and collaborators.

The idea originated from working on their first start-up, a social initiative ‘Benefactory’, which they founded to raise funds to help migrants involved in the US border crisis; through that experience, they saw first-hand the bias and misinformation in the mainstream news coverage that surrounded the crisis.

“That’s when we decided that media bias is the root cause of the problem we need to fight. We started looking around at millennials and other people like ourselves, thinking there had to be something available that we would want to use.
We needed a better way for our attention-deficit generation to get informed about matters relevant to us and in a format that we’re used to.” - explains Vazirani.

Backed by Snap Inc, other major players are taking notice of the new app that offers 

9-second articles for our smart and chaotically business generation.

Forbes has said, “The Media industry needs to pay attention” and Business Insider has called the app “TikTok for news”.

Interestingly the app is also calling out to creators, writers, bloggers and podcasters to apply for their own channel on Volv. Claiming they’re here to help creators be ‘discovered’.

Volv is available now for download on Android and iOS. 

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