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Top 3 Social Video Editing Apps

You speak and we listen! Here at avails, we love to bring you the latest tips, trends and tools to help you up your social game. You wanted to know the best mobile video editing apps to help make your social media content creation pop and here they are…


#3 LumaFusion

So, this little app packs a massive punch and literally turns your iPhone or iPad into a professional postproduction suite.

LumaFusion has been around since 2016 and it feels very similar to desktop editing programs such as iMovie and Adobe’s Premiere Rush. With so many tools, features and functions it is probably more suited to those who have a little more experience when it comes to video creation and editing.

The app supports multiple video formats, has a slick and customisable interface to where you can select to see just the tools you need depending on your workflow, it has multiple options to adjust colours and tones using look up tables, has a brilliant adjustable image stabiliser and lets you play with up to 6 layers of audio and video.

We also rate its graphic equaliser which lets you reduce the background noise of your videos and its ability to plugin third party audio apps to expand your toolbox.

If you are on the road a lot, need to do quick shoots, drone footage, edits and uploads, have a good base knowledge of video editing or just like to have as much control as possible when creating your social media video content, LumaFusion is the app for you!

Lumafusion video content editing for social media 


#2 InShot

We really liked InShot and used it a lot for our own marketing video creation, the interface is simple, clean and easy to navigate.

Users are given 3 options for editing… Video, Photo and Collage.

This little app has a clean, simple and intuitive interface and provides you all the basic tools you need to create social media videos including cutting, cropping, splitting, freezing and flipping.

It allows you to add text and text animations to your videos easily, has a good library of both music and sound effects, as well as loads of filters and cool effects to get creative with. We also like their huge choice of Tags, Stickers and GIFs which are updated frequently and can be added to any of your videos easily.

If you want to use a specific sound effect, piece of music or voice over it will let you import it or record it easily and adjusting the volume levels throughout the video is a cinch.

We really like the Canvas option which lets you create social media videos formatted specifically for platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with tools that let you play with background options like colours, gradients, patterns and blurs.

So if you’re looking for an easy, no fuss video editing app, InShot is worth a try!

While InShot used to be one of our fave marketing video creation apps we have found one that has a few more fun and on trend tools you can use for your social media content creation.

 Inshot video content editing app


Drumroll please… We absolutely love this app, so much so that we put InShot on the backburner and now use this app to create loads of our own social media video content and TikToks, say hello to CapCut!


#1 CapCut

This super little app lets you create social media video worthy of any screen in just a few taps and is perfect for those with limited video editing skills. It has loads of features for a free app that make it worth the download.

Edit Videos
You can easily edit your videos using their intuitive interface including splitting and joining clips, overlaying clips, change up the video format as well as speed and reverse functions. 

Audio Options
CapCut has a decent library of copyrighted songs and sound effects to choose from and you can add them under the Favourite button for easy future access. You can also overlay a track and place it where you want in your video or import songs from your own device, if you do this just be careful of copyright.

Text Options
Yes, it’s video, but some well-placed text can help your video pop, we love their templates which make changing font sizes and styles super simple. We also love using the Voiceover and Auto Captions tool together, basically it splits all your generated captions into the own graphic layer in perfect sync with the time code that are spoken in. The Batch Edit tool lets you double check all your captions in 1 place which saves loads of time!

Stickers and Special Effects
One of the things we LOVE about CapCut is it lets us edit our videos like our pics and you will be spoiled for choice by their library of stickers and effects, can’t find anything you like, then you can just import your own.

Transitions and Filters
Admittedly the colour grading options in this app are limited however, if you get creative with their built-in filters, you can easily create social media videos that look amazing! Plus, they offer the ability to connect multiple videos seamlessly with their transition options.

These are just a few of the reasons why CapCut comes in as our #1 pick for the best mobile video editing apps. CapCut is available for download on iOS and Android and it’s free. 

Cupcut editing for video content

Marketing video creation can be massively time consuming, so if channelling your inner Baz Luhrmann is all too much for you, just book one of our Squads, who will happily come out to shoot, produce and edit a truckload of social video and photo content for you. 1-hour packages start at just $590 per hour.

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